Emetophobia Help with Anna Christie

S3E15 Courageous Cayla

April 17, 2023 Anna Christie Season 3 Episode 15
Emetophobia Help with Anna Christie
S3E15 Courageous Cayla
Show Notes

SEASON 3 of Emetophobia Help features people from the Facebook group “Emetophobia NO PANIC (Recovery)”

TRIGGER WARNING: Words such as "vomit,” “throw up” and "sick" may be used. No upsetting stories will be told without a specific episode trigger warning.

Host: Anna Christie, Psychotherapist and Emetophobia Specialist

Intro Music: YouTube Audio Library, "Far Away (Sting)" by MK2, Used with Permission.

Anna’s Website for emetophobics: www.emetophobiahelp.org


Facebook Group: "Emetophobia NO PANIC"

Anna's new book for therapists (with David Russ, child psychologist) “EMETOPHOBIA: Understanding and Treating Fear of Vomiting in Children and Adults” is available on Amazon (released April 21st, 2023) and through many other booksellers.


"Free Yourself from Emetophobia" (Keyes/Veale) and 

“The Emetophobia Manual” (Goodman) for adults.

"Turnaround Anxiety Program" with Emetophobia supplement (McCarthy/Russ) and 

“Emetophobia: The Ultimate Kids’ Guide” (Russ)for kids. 

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Anna and David’s NEW Resource Website: www.emetophobia.net